Winter Workouts


Most people think that the best time to get in shape is in the summer time, well there is a couple things wrong with that school of thought.  Number one Rome wasn’t built in a day, if the summer only last 3 months more or less, by the end of it is when you’ll be seeing some results.  The more optimal time to get in shape especially if your goal is weight loss, is when the temperature is cooler.

Why is that?

Your body has to maintain an internal core temperature when it drops below a certain degree the body has built in protection.

What is this built in protection?

Have you ever wondered why your teeth chatter in the cold, it’s because of  involuntary muscle contractions throughout the body to warm it back up when the core temperature drops.   When you have more muscle contractions, you in turn burn more calories, and the only effective way to lose weight and keep it off is when you’re burning more calories than you are taking in.  What do you do if you live in a hot climate all year round ?

Try holding something cold in your hands. This acts on the same principle, your body senses cold and causes muscle contractions to warm itself up, not only that, it will take longer for fatigue to set in, so that means you can exercise for longer.

So yes, get in shape for the summer, but start in the winter.


Yosef Kaplan ISSA CFT
Personal Trainer.

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