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Sweat In Your Eyes

Recently someone asked me this question: How do I keep sweat out of my eyes while exercising?  I’ve found that by wearing an UnderArmour skull cap prevents sweat from dripping into my eyes.  The...


Flip This Kettlebell!

    Flipping a Kettlebell will improve your coordination, forearm, and back strength.  Not to mention fun!


Sandbag Press

In simple words using a sandbag incorporates more stabilizers, and helps to acclimate the body to real world situations. Interested in learning more about sandbag fitness check out my friend Matt’s site http://www.sandbagfitnessstore.com/pages/the-sandbag-method Scroll...


How To Breath

  When performing a stiff leg deadlift, it’s important to know exactly how to breath. At the start of the movement when you hinge at the hips and bend down, you want to exhale....


Abdominal Exercise While Pregnant!

           To start the exercise sit upright on a stability ball as shown (upper), inhale & lean back from the hips as shown (lower) until the abdominal muscles engage holding...

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Pregnant Back Pain?

The pelvic floor muscles are something women should pay attention to not just when they’re pregnant, or postpartum, but throughout their entire lives.  These muscles range from the pubic bone to the tailbone, not...