Abdominal Exercise While Pregnant!

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To start the exercise sit upright on a stability ball as shown (upper), inhale & lean back from the hips as shown (lower) until the abdominal muscles engage holding for 2-5 seconds, then exhale while returning to the seated upright position.

Normally, one would exhale during exertion, but in this case I suggest that you inhale as you’re leaning back to allow your diaphragm to expand creating a firm base and protecting your back   from potential injury.

Why is this Exercise good?

This exercise may be performed throughout your entire pregnancy & even postpartum.  In this fashion it allows you to work your abdominals safely.  Where as when in the supine (lying on back) position most instructors will eliminate abdominal exercises after the first trimester, in addition the client cannot  be on their back for a duration of 5 minutes or more.  The reason for this is as the pregnancy progresses the additional weight of the fetus could cause a restriction in blood flow by compressing the two main blood vessels that run along the right side of the spine.

What if you don’t have a band or ball?

If you don’t have an exercise band or a stability ball, or if your having trouble balancing, you may use a backless chair or stool with a sheet rolled up to perform the exercise.



Yosef Kaplan ISSA CFT

Personal Trainer




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