Pregnant Back Pain?

pregnant back pain

The pelvic floor muscles are something women should pay attention to not just when they’re pregnant, or postpartum, but throughout their entire lives.  These muscles range from the pubic bone to the tailbone, not only do they support the pelvic organs, but they also contribute to proper spine alignment.

If these muscles are weak not only are you subjected to low back & pelvic pain, but you may be affected by urinary incontinence & bowel dysfunction.  Some women may not be affected by these things until after pregnancy, and usually after a few weeks or months the problems are no longer there or limited.  Then for some women, whenever they jump, laugh, or cough they may have a problem with leakage.


A good way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles is to perform kegel exercises.  The easiest way to figure out how to contract these muscles would be to stop the flow of urine during urination, and pay attention to the muscle contraction.  Once you’ve identified the muscles, you can start exercising.


You can perform these exercises in any position, and it’s recommended that the legs be slightly apart to isolate the muscles.  You can start out by doing 5-10 repetitions 2-3 times a day, holding each contraction for 10 seconds.  Slowly contract the muscles tighter & tighter while counting to five, and then slowly release to another count of five.  If you find this difficult start out slow, do what you’re able to and work up to doing 25-50 repetitions twice per day. Just like recreational exercise you should set aside certain times everyday to perform these exercises.


It could be on your commute to work, sitting at the computer, doing dishes or laying in bed.  The important thing is that you do them. And remember to contract these muscles anytime you go to sneeze, cough, laugh or lift an object, in order to prevent potential urinary leakage. Strengthening these muscles is very important, as it supports one of the major supports in the body, the spine.  So even if your not one for the fitness culture, these are muscles you do not want to neglect.

Note: Pelvic floor exercises may be started 12-24 hours after delivery provided there were no complications.


Yosef Kaplan ISSA CFT

Personal Trainer

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