To Plank or Not to Plank

A client of mine recently asked what I thought about planks? The client then proceeds to tell me that there is this new system out there where if you hold a plank for 20 seconds everyday you’ll build your abdominals.

What’s the problem with that? Most people who are just starting to exercise lack the strength required to perform a proper plank.  Typically you’ll find with most people the back either sags as in the 2nd photo, and this is because the abdominals are too weak to hold the body in a straight line.  This also causes stress to the lower back and discs.  Pinch a disc, and it’s bye bye training hello rehabilitation.  Or the 3rd, the hips are elevated, not even engaging the abdominals as it should be, and putting unnecessary stress on the shoulders.  Aside from the fact it looks a little silly.

If your plank looks like photo’s 2 or 3 find a different exercise to strengthen your abdominals, and work up to performing planks.  If you’re not sure about what exercises to do contact a professional personal trainer.  Some of us actually do study the human body and exercises.

Correct Plank Body forms straight line from the back of the head, buttocks, and heels.


2. Lower back sags


3. Hips are too HIGH


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