Just A Thought

IMG_20151211_113622302I ordered these shoes with the idea that they are waterproof.  I’ve read some reviews on the Bikila EVO WP, and a few were not so great.  However, even though some reviews were not exactly amazing, there are not too many options out there when it comes to wearing FiveFingers that are  waterproof.  Why wear 5 fingers? That is a whole different topic all together.  I took the advice of people who have worn these before, and yes you should get a size larger than what you normally wear with Vibrams.  They do require a lot more breaking in than some of the other Vibrams, but that is probably due to material.  Not too mention what shoe doesn’t require breaking in, I remember it took weeks before my military boots fit comfortably, so a few days is not so bad.  I did have an opportunity to test the Bikilas out in the rain, and so far they’ve held up to their bargain.  The one downfall so far is that while the water may not get in the shoe, you still feel the coldness from the water.  This could be remedied by wearing thicker wool socks, another good reason to get a size larger.  I’ll keep everyone updated on how they fair throughout the winter, but as for now this is a great choice if your looking for minimalist waterproof footwear